What sort of clients do Sports Instinct work with?

Because of the wide range of high quality sports-specific products Sports Instinct can produce, we've naturally built up a diverse portfolio of satisfied clients across many aspects of the sporting and corporate worlds. Working closely with both amateurs and professional alike, catering to different scale requirements and budgets, we focus entirely on ensuring we deliver exactly what our clients have in mind, whatever their vision.

Sports Event Organisers

Event organisers work with us to produce memento or souvenir gifts for event competitors (the price of which is covered by event ticket price), as well as event-branded merchandise to sell online and at the events directly. This includes products like hoodies, t-shirts, water bottles, caps etc. All of which serve to support the profitability of the events as well as to maintain event awareness for the future.


Creating own-branded products and bespoke staff wear gives retailers the unique opportunity to increase the awareness of their brand, product range and services – whether it’s for an internal brand awareness exercise, encouraging an increase in footfall to a certain trading location, selling online or promoting their business externally as part of a marketing plan mix. We aim to ensure products are priced to allow a significant mark-up.


We’re a firm believer in good causes, so we try to keep our charities’ merchandise costs at the most competitive price available, without compromising on quality. We also have a number of initiatives to help give your athletes a discount on sports products and help increase their fund raising. If you’re a Charity event organiser or involved in Charity merchandise, get in touch as see how we can help raise your visual identity…

Event Sponsors

We help Event Sponsors make a lasting impression with branded merchandise and event giveaways that really stand out from the crowd. Make the most of your Sponsorship deal with branded products your clients, and their customers, will want to hold onto and use. We've produced own-brand t-shirts for well known brands such as Nike and Virgin.

Sporting Clubs and Teams

Over the years we’ve worked with a full range of sporting clubs to produce customised and bespoke sports kit and team shirts for their members and players. Branded team kit can be used to enhance a club’s membership offering and invokes a sense of loyalty and pride amongst members and competitors, amateurs and elite alike, whatever the sport.

If you’re any of the above, we want to help you – simply get in touch on 01483 332045 to discuss your event and branding requirements.

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Established in 2006, Sports Instinct was founded by elite athletes and as such we're passionate about sport and 100% focused on delivering performance products designed with sports people in mind...

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