Elastic Laces

Elastic Laces make a superb event giveaway - with a range of colours to choose from and the option to brand the toggle, elastic laces are a practical item all triathletes and runners will use and be constantly reminded of your brand by.

Here we have another very practical option that runners will appreciate. Along with the race belts, the elastic laces are one of the Triathlon necessities needed to speed up those transitions. As with the race belts, we believe we are the only company in the world to offer these high quality custom made elastic laces.

Each set comes with two 32 inch elastic laces with shrink-wrapped plastic seals on each end to prevent fraying. The elastic laces are available in almost any colour and can be integrated with reflective weave. There is also two high quality stainless steel, triathlon specific cord stoppers. Each stopper can be made in any colour and with your choice of logo.

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