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Swim Caps

We supply a very high volume of custom Silicone Swim Caps for events and clubs each year thanks to our high quality, quick turn-arounds and competitive prices. Our swim caps are suitable for both indoor and open water swimming events, as well as swim clubs and swim retailers.

The ideal promotional giveaway at swimming and triathlon events as well as swim club galas, our custom-printed swimming caps give event organisers and retailers the perfect vehicle to promote their event, sponsors, brand or team.

We offer both a light weight silicone swim cap  (most popular for events as it’s a lower cost option) and a heavy weight  ‘competition’ standard silicone cap for those who want the best.

Why Silicone Swimming Hats over Latex?

We prefer to offer our customers Silicone Swim Hats as standard because:

  • Reduced environmental impact created in the production of a silcone hat verus a latex one.
  • No latex allergies. Silicone is hypo-allergenic and won’t generally irritate sensitive skin.
  • Greater comfort - Silicone doesn’t pull and grab your hair in the same way as a latex swimming cap will.
  • An enhanced fit - the moulded fit of a silicone swimming cap provides more effective protection against chlorine or germs.
  • Longer lasting and a more robust material ideal for regular swimming use.
  • Additional insulation - For open-water swimming silicone hats provide a greater degree of head insulation.
  • Higher perceived value product -  Silicone swim hats are the serious swimmer’s preferred choice, meaning they are more likely to actually keep and wear your memento swim hat whilst training, keeping your brand awareness high post-event.


For a quote please email:  or call 01483 332045 to discuss your Silicone Swim Caps with our sales and design team.

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